Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 {Windows 10 + Windows Activator} Free

Microsoft Toolkit Activation For Windows 10

If you operate a device managed by Microsoft, one of the gadgets you would want to have with you is the Microsoft Toolkit. Of course, the maker is Microsoft but perhaps, what you would want to ask yourself is the need for it. Basically, this package allows for easy deployment of your licensing, activation, and management of every MS program and OS version. It works without hindrance for many of the lately released Microsoft OS namely 8.1 and 10. But suppose you operate the earlier versions too, you would find it apt in boosting the performance of your machine.

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 {Windows + Office Activator} Free

What Is The Microsoft Toolkit?

This is a free office toolkit that can be used on any Windows computer. It allows you to license, activate and manage all and any Microsoft Office programs that you might be thinking about using as well as Microsoft Windows.

You can use the Microsoft Toolkit on every edition of Windows, and it is particularly useful for anyone with Microsoft Office on their computer. If you have copies or pirated versions of the original, the Microsoft Toolkit will ensure they run better and are more effective on your computer.

Why Use The Microsoft Toolkit?

To gain full access to the features from Microsoft on Windows you need to use activators. The Microsoft Toolkit is a combo of all the activators you need to get the maximum potential. With EZ activator and the Auto KMS activator built into the system, it provides a great algorithm.

How Does It Work?

Using the Microsoft toolkit is very simple. Once you have downloaded the software, you can click the phone button. You’ll get a 12 digit code which you can use when you call Microsoft through Skype. Once you have provided the coded, all the features will be activated. Working as a 2 in 1 software means that you can get everything up to 8.1 and Office 2013.

To use the software, you just need to select the activations you need. Compared to other similar activators, the Toolkit is a far better software as it provides special validation for your activation. With other activators, you simply do not get this feature.

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 {Windows + Office Activator} Free

Key Features

There are a lot of impressive features of the Microsoft Toolkit. First, it is a two in one activation, and as already mentioned you can activate both MS Windows and Office. With 64- bit system support, you can use this software on any Windows or Microsoft Office version. Providing a lifetime activation, you won’t have a to use another key to reactivate your system in a couple of years. Your computer will be forever changed.

Safe And Secure

The Microsoft Toolkit isn’t just impressive, it’s also safe. This software is completely clean of viruses and other issues. If you check this software for viruses, you won’t find a single issue.

Operating Both Online And Offline

While it is best to have an internet connection to use the Microsoft Toolkit, it is possible to access it without an internet connection. The software will check your internet connection and decide on the best modules for your computer. This makes the process fast and easy, ensuring that you get the most efficient set up for your individual requirements.

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What Toolkit is used for?

In the event that you have just upgraded your OS to a new one and you are looking for an authorized way of activating it, Microsoft Toolkit is your sure way to go. The good thing about it is that can activate all the editions and versions of MS that are currently available. That means that once you get it now, activating your newly-bought or upgraded OS to a higher version becomes very easy.

That aside, one other function of this tool is the management of your licenses. It ensures that you stay up-to-date on new releases of software and other details associated with your Microsoft package. The operating platform for ensuring this management is called the KMS which stands for “Key Management Service.” The inference is this: upon getting this package installed, you can beat your chest that your Microsoft Windows or other product is perfectly activated and working as it should. That would make it entitled to regular updates

Compelling Features of Microsoft Toolkit

  • It comes with a feature to initiate your device into the Microsoft pool for life.
  • Guess what? It is free. Yes, you can have it without paying a dime.
  • There is no limitation to the kind of Microsoft product it can activate or manage. Simply put, it is versatile.
  • If you are not satisfied with its default settings, you have the opportunity of tweaking it to your taste.
  • The product comes with the capacity to intimate you if there is any live test or tiles.
  • Just in case you don’t know the right way to relate to search engines and social media, this tool equally demonstrates such for you.
  • There are alternative initiation modules namely online and disconnected ones. You don’t have to be online for everything.
  • If you’ve ever been worried about bugs and errors hijacking your computer processes, this tool ensures that you are free from that. It has got zero tolerance for bugs.
  • It doesn’t matter whether your Windows OS is 32 or 64- Bits, this package works well with both.
  • You can communicate live with Microsoft agent on any activation issue by making use of Skype.

Using Microsoft Toolkit on Windows 10

You need to be aware that for with Windows 10, you might experience some challenges using Microsoft Toolkit. The reason is that Windows 10 has a very sensitive defender which often works to counteract the Toolkit. What this then means is that whenever you want to operate the toolkit on this OS version, you would have to turn off the window defender. This has to be performed too when you are trying to install it on your computer. Other names by which MS Toolkit is known include EZ Activator as well as “Office 2010 Toolkit.” It is noteworthy to mention that previous versions of this tool never worked with Office 2010 except this most recent one which you can access on this page. The latest edition is the 2.6.6 edition and that works pretty well with MS Windows 10 as well as other versions.

How to Install Microsoft Toolkit?

  • Your first step if you are operating Windows 10 would be to turn off the protection offered by your Windows defender and that of your antivirus. This can be done for any other OS version too.
  • The next step is to download the recent toolkit from trusted websites like ours or if you have access to it from Microsoft site.
  • Proceed to the installation straight away. If it comes in a zip file, you would have to first unzip.
  • During installation, you would be asked to select a particular product you are interested in activating, respond accordingly and click “OK”.
  • The step above would necessitate that you reboot or restart your computer to finally complete the activation process.
  • Once your computer restarts successfully, be assured that your OS has been fully activated. Bravo!

System Requirements

All Windows version beginning from Windows 2003 upward are supported but for this latest version, you would have to ensure that at least .NET framework of 3.5+ is running on your PC. Other requirements are insignificant.

No Harm to PC & Internet Optional

Some of the common fears exhibited by people who long to use this tool are that they feel it might cause a damage to their machine. The good news is that if you download the file from a trusted source as given here, you have no need to worry that the toolkit would cause harm to your system. It has algorithms that are standard and reliable.

Similarly, you do not necessarily need an internet connection for use although it must be stated that having such would be preferable. But without the internet, the right module for your PC and OS can still be rightly selected by the tool.

Another big plus to this package is that once it activates any of your devices, it stays activated for life. Granted, you might have downloaded previous versions of this tool from other sources that stopped working after 30 days, but this latest one gives an activation that is genuine as well as long-lasting.

Bottom Line

A lot of problems accompany the use of any Microsoft product that is not activated for a long time. It can lead to an unexpected system shutdown or complete PC crash. Microsoft toolkit, an open and free package available on this page helps to solve this issue by granting a lifelong activation to your Microsoft packages. This latest version (2.6.7) remains the best and versatile as it activates even the stubborn Windows 10.